Charlotta Eidenskog

LUST ABOVE ALL, is my motto in the studio. Without the lust to materials, colors, shapes, the character and feeling of a surface, the work process - there are no new ideas born with me.

In my work, the work process is the most important asset, I rarely see a finished piece in front of me. I'll be on the things that happen along the way, chance assets and properties of materials. The concentration of my work is in color and form, sometimes in combination with issues that interest me or that are emerging during the work, and quite often in relation to a place or environment, indoors and outdoors.

Clay is my main material, and I work with it in its different states, from runny to hard, and enjoying the different features. I like to work with different finishes such as varnish, spray paint, paints, pigments and has a great love for the distinctive glazes.